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Uniquely and Wonderfully You!

Genomics has been called “the mother of all telescopes.” It offers the secret to unlocking cures, treatments and answers never before thought possible.  It offers an alternative diagnostic route for rare and undiagnosed patients, a back door that is both quicker and more precise. It is not an overstatement to call it a revolution, the future or the most important linchpin to the future of health care. Put more simply: genomics will find answers and save lives through the pursuit of knowledge and dedication to following our curiosities through innovation.

There are over 6,000 rare genetic disorders, and many common diseases have a genetic link. Imagine the pain and frustration as parents attempt to care for their children in this world of unknowns.
As one parent put it, “You can’t move forward. You can’t celebrate, mourn or sleep without an answer. Knowing—it’s not everything, but it’s close.”

Genomics will provide answers. It ends uncertainty and suffering.  

With your support, you will:

  • Increase patient access to genetics and genomics care
  • Decrease wait time for patients to be evaluated
  • Expand genetic testing capabilities
  • Enrich patient care in meaningful and measurable ways